Life On The Island
When a zealous corporate conservationist shows up on oldtimer KB's wild island home to return it to its pre-human state, KB takes his fight to the mainland only to find he's been written out of history, leaving him no choice but to return and confront his enemy face to face.

String Through The Earth
When Darren is stranded in a rural town and strangely drawn to the local geothermal vents, he has to confront the truth about his dead family when he finds himself trying to connect with the ghosts of his past.

When urban misfit Will is sent to stay with his grandmother in the country, he thinks joining the local rugby team will be a doozy until he finds the motley team possessed of superhuman power forcing him to confront the horrific truth of his legacy.

People Next Door
When Dale is blackmailed into spying on his activist flatmates, he comes to join their cause, but by the time he acts he finds himself implicated in crimes he did not commit.


Water Torture
When the Ambassador of Gigantica wants all the water for his nation - whether by agreement or force, the New Zealand Prime Minister's office has an internal showdown over how to spin the threat.